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At Puzzle Rooms Canada we are proud to offer “Choose Your Challenge Level” options for our Games. Allowing us to customize & maximize your experience. But that’s not all… “Challenge Levels” at PRC have their own puzzles & endings! Making for Canada’s first re-playable Puzzle Room Adventures!

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“One of our favourite experiences. The puzzles were challenging and completely engaging. It is brilliantly set up to have two completely different puzzle rooms and experiences in the same room!! Excellently done!” TripAdvisor

” Fantastic experience! We had a variety of ages and everyone had a blast! Impressive set up and amazing variety of puzzles! if you haven’t been you should check it out! ” Facebook

Two Adventures in One Room

Time : 60 minutes
Goal : Find The Hidden Treasure (Not to Escape)
Team Size : 2 player min, 8 player max
Recommended Team Size : 4 to 6  players

These Adventures take place inside “The Curator of Curiosities Compound.” You and Your Team will be unraveling the Secrets of ancient civilizations & mysterious Mythological creatures while on the hunt for Legendary Hidden Treasures!

Beginner Challenge Level
Quest for the Treasure of the Ancients •
For New Puzzle/Escape Room Players or Groups Consisting Mainly of Younger Players
(**Note this level is not just for kids**)

Standard Challenge Level
• Raiders of the Amazonian Gold •
For Experienced Puzzle/Escape Room Players or Groups Consisting Mainly of Adults

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