Canada’s 1st Re Playable Puzzle Room!

If we may… a bit of Puzzle Room History….

Back when PRC 1st opened to the public (Fergus, Feb 2017) with our inaugural game “Fortune & Glory” we instituted something new & innovative to the industry. “Challenge levels”

Back then, you had 3 Challenge Levels to choose from. Beginner, Standard or Expert. By adjusting the amount of hints & in game clues along with one or two puzzles we gave players the ability to make their game a bit easier or harder as per their preferred preference.
“Choose Your Challenge Level” was born!

“Choose Your Challenge Level” was very well received by our players. However after each game we were usually asked something like…”We just played beginner with our family , if we come back and play standard with our adult friends is the game different? “
The answer back then was “…its the same, you would be doing 95% the same puzzles with the same finale. ” Just like every other Puzzle Room, Escape Room or Adventure, Mystery Room on the market.

!!! Not Anymore !!! You Asked For It & We Listened !!!

Now when you play our All New Puzzle Room “Secrets Myths & Legends”
You Can Still “Choose Your Challenge Level” that’s best suited to your teams experience & preference…
But that’s NOT ALL…
For the first time anywhere in Canada (if not the world) when you play one Challenge Level Adventure, for example “Beginner level – Quest for the Treasure of the Ancients” You Can Come Back and Play “Standard – Raiders of the Amazonian Gold” or vice versa and NOT be re playing the same game because
Each Challenge Level Has Its Very Own Puzzles and Finale !!!

It’s innovative, non obtrusive & truly unique.
We are super proud of the achievement & hope you will come & enjoy it!!!

Available Only at Puzzle Rooms Canada.