Puzzle Rooms Canada supports Wes For Youth Online via Escape Room Event in Port Elgin

Family and friends will come together in teams later next month as they compete to demonstrate they’ve got what it takes to escape a situation using a series of skills and senses.The 1st Annual ‘Escape Rooms’ Event takes place on Saturday, March 25th, 2017 at 5 local venues/businesses throughout Port Elgin where teams are placed into rooms that require critical thinking and judgement in order to get out.

Event organizer Rob Fawcett says due to overwhelming interest, they’ve already sold out; he says the response from around the community has been incredible.The challenge features 5 rooms, at 5 different locations (local businesses in Port Elgin) teams will either compete in just one room, several rooms or all of them.

All money raised will go to Wes For youth Online, a youth Mental Health Initiative based in Hanover, ON.

About WES for Youth Online:

Today’s teens communicate and connect in a very different way than their parents. They are the first generation to be raised with texting, messaging, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. It keeps them ‘in the loop’ 24/7 and they rely on it for expression, integration, acceptance and approval. Social media is their comfort zone and where many go first, rightly or wrongly, for all their answers. If teens need or are willing to accept support or counselling for any problem, large or small, we believe many will choose social media before more traditional resources.

www.wesforyouthonline.ca  is there for them.

Founded in 2012 by Yolanda and Jamie Cameron after losing their son, Wes, to suicide, WES for Youth Online aims to be a hub for youth mental and emotional wellness support.