We Are Open!!!

We are very proud to announce the GRAND OPENING of Puzzle Rooms Canada Inc.

Puzzle Room…Escape Room…what’s the difference?
Please allow us to explain.

Both Escape Rooms & Puzzle Rooms are amazingly fun experiences.

In escape rooms you are usually physically locked in a room, with your over all goal being to escape the room before time expires. You are unable to leave without forfeiting your game. In other words, if you leave you are not permitted to rejoin. Many escape rooms deploy fear/phobia based tactics in an effort to ramp up the excitement. While this is great for some, many people have adversities to these and as a result are reluctant to even try an escape room. Escape rooms offer one set level of difficulty for all groups regardless of experience or preference.

Enter Puzzle Rooms Canada Inc…The original “Puzzle Room” experience. Locally owned & operated in Centre Wellington. In 2015 we took an in-depth look at what Escape Rooms were offering in the market and came up with an idea. This was the genesis of “Puzzle Rooms”. Now, after years of researching and refining our business model we have opened our doors to the public making “Puzzle Rooms” & Puzzle Rooms Canada Inc a reality.

“Puzzle Rooms” are based on fun not fear. No Handcuffs or restraints here, no pitch black rooms & you are never locked in! We are family friendly & with our Puzzle Rooms Canada Inc exclusive “Choose Your Challenge Level Options” we provide “Your Game, Your Way”. Making Puzzle Rooms Canada the perfect destination for all experience levels from beginners to seasoned enthusiasts alike.

We are thrilled to bring our new form of entertainment and team building to this beautiful & historic area. We truly believe we have created something unique that both we as owners & the residents of Centre Wellington can be proud of.

We look forward to creating new and exciting “Puzzle Room” & other game experiences for the residents and visitors to Centre Wellington to play & enjoy.

Thank you. Puzzle Rooms Canada Inc.