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Time : 60 minutes
Goal : Find The Hidden Treasure (Not to Escape)
Team Size : 2 player min, 8 player max
Recommended Team Size : 4 to 6  players

This Adventure takes place inside “The Curator of Curiosities Compound.” You and Your Team will take on the role of “Curator” unraveling the secrets of ancient civilizations & mysterious mythological creatures. There is even rumor of a long lost treasure hidden somewhere inside the compound.
Many have tried to find the treasure… None have succeeded.

Beginner Challenge Level • Available •
For Younger and or Novice Puzzle Room Players

Standard Challenge Level Available
For Adults and or Experienced Puzzle Room Players

New Puzzle Room

**Each of our Challenge Levels have their Own Puzzles & Endings making for Canada’s First
Re-Playable Puzzle Room Adventures!!!**

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