Fortune & Glory

Game Time - 60 minutes
 Team Size - 2 player min, 8 player max
 Goal - Find The Hidden Treasure (Not to Escape)

***Please Note: If you require corrective lenses please bring them to your adventure.***
 **Recommended Team Size 4 players & Up**

The media has been in a craze covering the recent exploits of billionaire adventurer John Goodard.
Goodard claims to have stashed away “his most valuable treasures” in his secret
"Puzzle Rooms" located all over the globe.
 Goodard's most recent Puzzle Room has just been unveiled in Fergus Ontario Canada.
Thrill seekers have come in droves to take a turn at discovering Goodard’s Gold.
 To date...none have succeeded.


The Puzzle Room

Game Time - Coming Soon
 Team Size - Coming Soon
 Goal - Coming Soon
We are diligently working on our new game experience.
 Coming soon & exclusive only to Puzzle Rooms Canada!