Canada’s Original Puzzle Room Attraction

Solve Fun & Original Puzzles Inside Fascinating Themed Environments

• No “Escaping” • You Are Never Locked In • No Handcuffs or Restraints •

• Adults, Kids & Seniors • Company Team Building •

Challenge Your Mind, Play Together & Have Fun!





 What people are saying about Puzzle Rooms Canada

“The puzzles were good, logical, and creative. There are some good original puzzles within this room. If you visited their Fergus location… this one is even better!” TripAdvisor

“We had a fabulous time at the puzzle room in Elora. The rooms were amazing. top notch and the puzzles were challenging. Thanks for a really fun team building event!” TripAdvisor

“They’ve got a great new room setup at the new location. Its nice and bright for those that don’t like dimly lit rooms. Cool original puzzles with fun twists and a great ending! “ Google

Puzzle Rooms Canada is an excellent example of what I would call a high class game. Every consideration has been taken to ensure each and every participant has a fun and challenging experience.Google

“My husband and I did this with some friends on a double date. It was such a fun, unique experience. We highly recommend it!” Facebook

“This was a lot of fun. Great family activity. The room was challenging and kept us on our toes for the entire time. Very well thought out” Facebook